London Calling

… and it is loud and clear.

First … to all the mothers reading this entry, Happy Mother’s Day for that is what today is over here. There are cards and flowers and pink papers everywhere. The flowers for sale in the local florist here in Hammersmith are just gorgeous. As you approach the shop the smell is so very sweet. In other words, you can smell the flowers!


Second … today is Vincent van Gogh’s birthday (which I didn’t know until my wonderful friend Tomie reminded me). Amazingly we went to the National Gallery here today and saw SUNFLOWERS (my favourite VvG work – which I had never seen before) both the London and the Amsterdam ones are on display … so we are totally thrilled!

gallery queue

Third … we were walking along the mall and and spotted many film crew vans and people – and look who arrived in a chauffeur driven limousine — Stephen Fry:


Fourth … Truffles is finding out about London and was even snapped trying to make his way inside Buckingham Palace.


Yep – its been a pretty good day.

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