Meetings after Meetings

Day two has been a day of MORE feasting (and meetings). Ah the food here in Hong Kong is delicious. Lunch and wonderful conversation was in a restaurant in the suited end of town … okay so lots of Hong Kong is suited, but this was the very suited end of town! 

From lunch we headed a short walk away to surprise my aunt – who was very very surprised to see me! as she and her husband were heading out to lunch (at 2.30) we were ‘forced’ to tag along. I did explain that we had just feasted over a very long lunch we were just going to talk … but that didn’t stop her ordering a few pieces for us — dim sum. So what do you do after so much food … you amble to the nearest shopping centre to walk it all off which was just around the corner from my aunt’s. And where there is a shopping centre there are shops so we had to buy some clothes as well. Just as well that there will be an empty suitcase after Bologna!

Tonight was a delightful dinner with Mio (SCBWI Hong Kong Regional Advisor) and a few of her wonderful crew. Mio was very sensible in preparing us for our trip to Bologna … we had an Italian feast!! and just look at these scrumptious meals. Tonight’s feasting also included starters … prosciutto melone, bruschetta and calamari, after which i was already full, but you’ll have to take my word for that one.

And we discovered this classy graffiti on our walkabout after dinner last night!

classy graffiti

And tomorrow – more feasting and meetings!


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  1. But I think suits suit me! Was great to see you and Bini – and the choccies are delish -thanks!

    Gavin McDougall March 20, 2014 at 11:50 am Reply
    • yes – for sure Gavin = suits! and of course wonderful feasting with you!

      Chris Cheng March 20, 2014 at 11:37 pm Reply

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