It’s Nearly Book Fair Time

So Sunday, was set up day for the fair. But first things first for this Sunday was catching up after years and years with my lovely friend Katia and her family. What a blast. They drove down from Mantova, about 90 minutes away to spend a few hours with Bini and with me … they must really like us! We spent the morning walking around the Piazza and sitting supping caffe and catching up. And Andrea (son), after he warmed up to us was talking and taking and talking to us in Italian … not to worry that I don’t understand Italian. His parents translated for him! Just wonderful!

Then – it was out to the fair, where we found out that our shelves were’t quite right; but that they would be fixed overnight with the added support posts. Will they do so? Monday morning and we will know! Our display posters are on a plane from Los Angeles, so with all that we could do done, it was part three for this sunday and that was to attend the Bologna Dust or Magic Masterclass. Filled with information and intelligent thoughts, a Dust or Magic course is a must for anyone considering digital product and what it all means! And as Warren Buckleitner is often quoted as saying “There are no experts, just explorers.”


Find out more about other Dust or Magic coursesĀ here.

And to finish Sunday it was a SCBWI crew gathering to feast over pizza and sort out last the last minute details for the next four days, minus those who were stuck on a rescheduled plane from Los Angeles.

… so let the fair begin!




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