That which has been learnt thus far in Bologna

Here is day two in Bologna – our first full day here – and some of the things we have learnt:

  • there are guide maps that mark everything – even the supermarkets.
  • fruit and veges in coops need to be weighed AND ticketed with the printed ticket before you arrive at the checkout.
  • fruit and veges purchased in coops are NOT to be picked up by the consumer – use the plastic gloves provided.
  • fruit and veges purchased in the street stalls are NOT to be picked up by the consumer – the shop keeper will do that … and give you a death stare too.
  • the post office closes at 1.35 pm ON THE DOT and not a minute later!
  • post cards are very expensive to post from Bologna.
  • following your nose can take you in the opposite direction to where you want to go.
  • the people here are funny wearing padded jackets and scarves int eh middle of the day when it is warm! what the heck of they do in winter!
  • no need to try even a smattering of bad Italian – most people understand exactly what you want / need to know!
  • when eating dinner choose a restaurant with a pictorial menu and not just the written word. Thankfully we found just that because I can’t even work out what most of the italian words are (Bini is much better at that than I am but I … do know prosciutto)
  • they drive on the wrong side of the road here – it’s best to look right and to look left when crossing the road or stepping off the gutter!
  • there are churches everywhere
  • the food here is just spectacular … little boutique shops for every morsel of food you require – fresh fish, fresh vegetables, fresh meat, fresh cheese of all descriptions cut from blocks of all descriptions – and they are so proud of what they sell!
  • the streets are very very narrow!

Fresh is best …

Irresistible food ….

Churches …

Amazing …

Simple feast (really!) …

at dusk ….


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