Tuesday in Bologna

Tuesday began as a slow morning. Everyone (and everything) was now on deck so we spent that morning walking round town and sipping coffee (and eating sweet brioche of course) in the early hours in the piazza with Isabel Roxas, She has a most beautiful piece of art included in the book Goodnight Songs by Margaret Wise Brown (which is also the front cover). While we were there,  we were taking in all things Bologna/Italian – which included watching the old men in the piazza chatting and sharing stories. Some simply stood and watched the changing landscape as the scaffolding around the restored church starts to come down. They were probably amazed, as were we, at the restoration work that was being revealed. When we were sitting in this same square in the very same place two years ago the building was shrouded in cloth.

Today’s booth activities included Round 2 of Duelling Illustrators! How do these illustrators do what they do?  Showcases, critiques and reviews continued, as did the passing out of flyers and brochures. There was action aplenty with folks stopping by just to say hello as well as lots of twittering and posting. But today’s booth highlight would have to be the SCBWI tenth birthday celebration party. 2014 is the 5th time that the SCBWI has had a bi-annual presence at Bologna – and we will keep coming back! Flan, champagne, even sparkler birthday candles … and I even gave a short speech (Kathleen and Angela didn’t have the vocal chords for it).

Today’s other highlight was a nocturnal happening and that was our invitation to the dinner hosted by Penguin Australia. It is always glorious to catch up with Laura – we see each other only rarely on home soil so it is very special to be able to feast together. Huge thanks to Laura for sharing her gathering with us.


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