Welcome to Hong Kong

Yes we have arrived here on our way to the Bologna Book Fair and upon making it to our hotel room the attendant who delivered our bags said “I have one question. Why is the smallest bag the heaviest?” This of course is the bag filled with books for our Bologna showcase.

This first part of our expedition, our days in Hong Kong, is nearly all about feasting and today’s feasting was at the ICON hotel restaurant Above and Beyond with my wonderful relatives. It was a fixed set lunch that had this which is just about my favourite …


and this ….

food more

and I forgot to grab a shot of the desert.  Just delicious and so much food that we don’t have to eat for, well, a good few hours! But what is even more significant is that my extremely talented cousin Barney created the staff uniforms! See, stylish and elegant:


Before lunchtime feasting it was strolling time for a quick look around our hotel. We checked out some of the side streets and discovered very very fresh food, and vegetarians – beware! Graphic photos following (although if you have gone this far you can probably see them already – fresh meat:

fresh meat

Fresh fish:

fresh fish

and more fresh fish:

fresh fish more

and fresh (?) underwear!

undies for sale

This was all found in one of the local street markets where the locals do their daily shopping:


So a little shopping and little more local walking finding this – surely the smallest shop in Hong Kong:

smallest shop

along a typical street:


Finally a little more feasting and day 1 is done.

2 Responses to Welcome to Hong Kong

  1. That small blue bag has been commented on ever since it was placed on the back seat of my car. I think I would take my chance with the fresh fish rather than the fishy looking “fresh underwear”. Keep up the food shots and really Chris , you know you will have to do better if you want to gross me out, I’m no squeamish vegan. Hope you and Bini continue to have far too much to eat.

    Marco Del Grande March 19, 2014 at 11:35 am Reply
  2. we ate way too much in Hong kong adn are continuing the process in Bologna! bellissimo!

    Chris Cheng March 23, 2014 at 12:24 am Reply

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