Just a Kid

You bet I am, so today was trip out to the V&A’s Museum of Childhood … another much less known about museum. What a fantastic time we had peering into the display cases.

“I remember that!”
“I saw that!”
“I had one of those …”

were just a few of my exclamations. I so wanted to stick my hand into the cases and pull out the Meccano sets or the building sets or play with the board games. And the collection of teddy bears scattered through different cases was grand. And other things items from childhood: there was Robbie the Robot and even more recent Star Wars figurines (they are not play things). And of course that generational favourite created in Supermarionation — the Thunderbirds … just F.A.B.

Back through Hyde Park, just because it is a sunny day and the fountains are lovely…

and then dinner tonight with the lovely aussie, now living in London, Michelle Newell, at a new local eatery – Bill’s. The food was slow-braisied duck pie; haloumi and couscous salad; bread and butter pudding made from an Easter bun … yummy!

and this …


London … loving it!


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  1. I loved your Bologna posts, Chris…and this one was lots of fun also…it’s wonderful to be able to see museums and such through the eyes of a child…whether you have a child with you or not. 🙂
    We are taking our 5-year old grandson to the Boston Aquarium next week…can’t wait.

    viviankirkfield April 2, 2014 at 9:17 am Reply

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