Last hit for London (for now)

Three museums in one day … how far can these feet go?

Museum 1: Science Musem where we saw Stephenson’ original ROCKET – I tingled with excitement and wanted to scour every cog and wheel and piston on that machine (alas there was a no touch sign) … and then we saw the London Electric Taxi Cab from the very early 1900s … and then more spacey science stuff! Pig in mud! Kid in a candy shop!

Museum 2: the V&A again … just because it was lunchtime and we needed another good lunch feast … oh and  I wanted to see the China Hall too.

Museum 3: the Natural History Museum. This was the last one on the same block (more or less). I have never been inside these walls and as expected, a few hours does not do this place justice. We will just have to come back so that I can spend all day dragging Bini around the display cases and going “oh my goodness” at most everything I see. It is quite exceptional seeing all these exhibits. Even the complete diplodocus skeleton!

Then the final hit for the night was dinner with our lovely friend Marcia. We so do love spending time with her. And just see how high the River Thames was! I am sure that those houses and the inhabitants are very, very thankful for that wall.


And the Oyster card is now back in the travel wallet and shortly we depart London town but of course we will return!

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