Museums and a Bear

We must be on holidays … more sightseeing. and Bini is trying to work out the weather thing here – it is summerish – sort of!

It was a day of museums – mostly.

This morning was a visit to Horseguards at Whitehall to see the changing of the guards (not often written about in travel booklets) and then a walk through the Horseguards Museum. The pageantry is wonderful and the trooping of the colours must be a wonderful sight.  And you can hear the horses approach with the clip clopping hooves on the roadway. The guards have such fine control of the impeccably presented horses. I just love the way they personalise the museum information boards. We also were attended to by a guide who was filled with wonderful knowledge about the inner workings of life in the household cavalry through his own experience – that’s the way to do a museum visit.


A quick look into the Victoria and Albert Museum – especially to grab a bite of lunch but we also wanted to see the casts room there too … we go back there often just to see these amazing structures that have been copied and formed in plaster. Beautiful museum.

yummy lunch

yummy lunch

Our last port of call was not a museum as such. It was to Paddington Station which is impressive in its own right but our journey to the station was for another reason. We were there to see Paddington BearI am amazed that we have been to London many times but this we have never visited  … and neither has Truffles. Found out too from talking to the shopkeeper that part of the new Paddington Bear movie was filmed from the Paddington Bear Shop right above the station! So another tick on the list of things to be done – I have finally met Paddington Bear.

Tonight was dinner with Marcia at the Dove – an oar-some little pub on the river (yes we went into a pub for dinner but this we can do in England) and it has the smallest bar room in the world – truly. They have the Guinness book of Records seal of approval for that. Another delightful feast:

And I should mention that the search for last night’s dinner was quite an adventure for we had set our minds firmly set on good ol’ English fish ‘n chips, so imagine our dismay when the nearby pub had NO fish. What pub has NO fish?! The second pub had no atmosphere (could have been the local at home) and not sure about the fish either. Finally, we found a goodie.

There we go — another day in London!

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