Festival Workshop

slnswI seem to be nearly LIVING at the NSW State Library this year which is just delightful as I love this place!

Yesterday, Saturday, I was there for my Sydney Writers Festival Writing Workshop gig in conjunction with the NSW Branch of the Children’s Book Council of Australia (thanks Maryanne for spending all day with me too) and back again I was in the Learning Space. What a glorious time I sure had with my small collective of enthusiastic and HUGELY creative writers.

Everyone was asked to bring in something from home that they could write about so a wonderful collection of items that included:

  • a gorgeously sequinned 1920s matinee jacket – to what galas has the jacket has been worn, and who wore it;
  • a layered trinket box, a wooden lined tea box – what treasures have been stored in the boxes and who owned them;
  • a 1996 lapel pin from the Melbourne Commonwealth Games – who wore the pin and how did it come to Sydney
  • a rusty bell unearthed from a sandpit – what other objects was lying further down in the sandpit and who has rung that bell;
  • an owl figurine from Greece – what the owl has seen and what memories it holds;  and
  • a small tree formed from golden wire and amethysts – who crafted the tree and why …

We discussed writing styles and forms, crafted descriptions, narratives, poems, and one or two amazingly imaginative stories – some with aliens and others of memories of times past. We lunched in the park and watched strange humans dressed in fairy and other dress up costumes run – some at a dawdle but one at a near blistering pace; we observed people, some of the participants and just a few ibis scratching away in the distance (which meant that we didn’t get much of a chance to do craft some observational writing); we had a look into the Reference Library where I spent months researching my historical fiction titles; and of course we had FUN – which was one of the prime goals of the day!!


smiles and smiles

… with two of the writing stars who joined me for the workshop and a festival volunteer – thanks mum’s for letting me use the photo!

2 Responses to Festival Workshop

  1. hi Chris,

    My daughter was one of the people at the workshop. She had a fantastic time. She has told everyone about how much fun it was, and what she learned. She is really motivated to work on her writing.

    Thanks very much for taking the time to run this.

    Tom May 20, 2014 at 1:43 pm Reply
    • I love these workshops and seeing how creative the kids are. Wow!
      so glad she had a fantastic time and is motivated to write. yeah!

      Chris Cheng May 21, 2014 at 11:06 am Reply

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