Professional Learning Day

One of my favourite places is the State Library of NSW and last Friday I was there with the education crew (do check out their digital portal Learning @ the Library). I was speaking as part of the Teaching and Learning, Technology and Libraries 2014 day (and again in August). It was great to be able to chat to secondary and primary librarians about the digital side of the books and some of the opportunities that are available for them … and what is out there. Thankfully all the technology worked a treat and I plugged in and was able to showcase the digital works from the Bologna Digital Regazzi Award (more her … thanks Warren who contacted the winners and honourees for me) –  and about digital books in general. It was great to be able to show some of the digital creations too. These are at the forefront of what can be created and some of the actions that they have created for these works are quite amazing.

As usual I didn’t leave enough time at the end for questions but we did squeeze a few in!

Of course it was really wonderful to have librarians who I have met over the years come and chat after my presentation – and also to hear that my book Python was the most popular book voted by the kids from last year’s CBCA shortlist at one of the schools.

Thanks Gill for sending me this photo (would you believe my camera had a flat battery) where I am chatting about two of the great books from which We Are Wheelbarrow who have created some quite amazing apps. Comparing the original traditionally printed book texts with the digital apps they have created really shows where each of these (printed and digital) excels! Personally I love both!

Going Digital

Going Digital

Thanks Pauline and Megan for having me along to chat to the crew.

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