Great Expectations with Connie

We spent an afternoon with the delightful Connie Hsu from Roaring Brook Press (she is actually here in Sydney for the mega biennial SCBWI Conference) but today was social time. We had lunch at the Sydney Fish Markets (I am not posting those photos!) and then we showed her some of the Inner West local sites – my stomping ground and, as Connie said – the local Sydney insider experience.

We ate way too much seafood, skimmed through a little of my book collection here at the house, and then supped on fine coffee. We just happened to mention Miss Havisham. Their ears pricked up and we all ended up in our local cemetery at St Stephen’s Church Newtown where lies one Miss Eliza Emily Donnithorne – she who is believed to be the inspiration for one of Charles Dickens’s most memorable characters, the jilted bride Miss Havisham of Great Expectations fame. Maybe she wasn’t the inspiration – but we like to claim it so! 

So to the cemetery. We knew she was buried there. We have walked these grounds a few times … but where was she? We walked around a few plots, checked a few headstones and then Connie whipped out her iPhone and started searching – and right when it was found on the phone Bini called out, “Is this it?” And where were we all standing? Right in front of the gravestone!

And, as the saying goes, all too soon the afternoon was over and it was time to return but it was fun! And it really is near perfect Sydney exploring weather!

in St Stephen's Cemetery

in St Stephen’s Cemetery

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