Hello St Joachim’s Catholic Primary School

What a fun! fun! day it was with you all and a great way for me to begin Book Week activities 2014.

All those smiling faces, and wonderful questions, and the great big library space that you all have there. Wow! Keep on buzzing and having fun and BORROWING books from your library! To the library monitors, staff and the helpers, and Mrs Morgan (the relieving principal), THANK YOU for the stupendous lunch that we shared. I love lasagna!

St Joachim's lunch

St Joachim’s lunch

We had a delightful day talking about my books, and reading, and sharing stories, and with some of the classes we even came up with some story ideas. After our writing and chatting about items that are all around us and made up words (can you really make up words), I really don’t think that the STAFF ONLY room from the library will ever be accessed by any of the students again. And, sigh, I am so disappointed.  I was so busy that I missed sampling the beans roasted with children’s smelly socks and sweaty armpits that emanates from that room! Yummo! It’s not just the students that came up with creative ideas either. The teachers too have some pretty wild and weird imaginations!

Some of the year 6 students created wonderful posters advertising my visit. How magnaplurious (another made up word) it is great to know that I was SOLD OUT. This was a delightful day with one more mega highlight and that was having my photo taken with the man in white!

Thanks St Joachim’s Catholic Primary School in Lidcome. Keep loving your library and keep borrowing those great books – and if you can’t find the one you are looking for – then ASK for it!!

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