It Nearly Begins….

Nearly … but not quite! Thursday was the pre conference meeting that began from the moment I arrived at the hotel until it was time to finally lie the head on the pillow. There were meetings – lots of meetings … about this conference, a meeting about our Bologna conference, a meeting for an elite crew of retired Regional Advisors and meetings about meetings! And I have only been in the USA for a few hours!

It truly is wonderful being here with ‘the tribe’ – so much hugging and catching up to do. Some of the folks I haven’t seen for a year, since the last SCBWI Summer Conference; for others it’s a mere six months when our tribe gathered in New York; and of course some are brand new!

And here is the picture of the first official gathering of the RAEs – Regional Advisor Emeriti … what a lovely bunch!


The night was also a dinner of two parts … although for me I wasn’t sure whether it was night time or lunchtime! “What time is it?” I was pondering as I continually checked my pocket watch – which I had difficulty reading for no other reason than it was set on Sydney time. It is still set on Sydney time (that way I know what time it is for Bini) but now I do a quick adjustment and work out the Los Angeles time! So the dinner of two parts was first with Faculty and Board members – nibbles and drinks (with a bit of intermingling and the traditional SCBWI introductions) and then off to the nearby Mall (it’s a Westfields folks) for dinner with the Regional Advisors. By the time Kathleen and I were there most of them had dined and were gone! But that left time for one more meeting!

And now the conference does properly begin!

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