Hey Canterbury Public School

THANK YOU for hosting me and feeding me (grilled chicken, baked potatoes and long green beans) at yesterday’s ripper Bookfeast – the annual local celebration of all things kids books! I have lost how many Bookfeasts I have feasted at – but i do know that this is the 25th year of Bookfeast! What a wonderful time I had chatting with you and answering those questions and thanks for all the raves about my 10 minute talk (did i really keep to ten minutes) up on the stage too. And yes that WAS a true snake escape story. It was also great to see you all digesting that terrific lunch. And oh wow – the things that you guys can do as you eat those long long green beans!

Just remember to look after your librarian! They need extra special care! And as much as I loved being with the Canterbury school kids – I get an extra special thrill seeing all the kids from Haberfield Primary School – that’s where I used to dwell for most of my primary school years (Canterbury South Primary School was my very first school)!

So this is the crew from Canterbury Public School – a wonderful bunch of questioners and eaters and library dwellers! Again, thanks for lunch and enjoy high school next year.

Bookfeast with Canterbury Public School

Bookfeast with Canterbury Public School

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