Hello India

We made it … oh yes we are here in India – a country that is a sensory overload, especially for the ears and nose! This is my third trip here but the first time with Bini. Nearly a day after we took off from Sydney airport we finally landed here at 11.30 at night – 15 minutes early! A good start although collecting the bags was a tedious process and we wont talk about the Bini’s mirrors.

This morning we were slow to emerge but we had a glorious Indian feast. The head waiter, spying that we were checking out all the food presented, offered us an Indian breakfast which we immediately lapped up. He even prepared non-chilli dishes for Bini … oh yum! Delicious dosa and lentils and yoghurt. I didn’t care. I was sampling the lot! The hotel has a rather enticing pool so after breakfast – we swam … well, sort of. Yes, we dipped our feet into the pool.

This afternoon was time to catch up with some friends I met last year at the Bookaroo Children’s Book Festival! Hello Anoushka and Kishan! Thank you (and your mother) for escorting us around for a few hours this afternoon, showing us a few of the Delhi tourist spots – India Gate, The Houses of Parliament, and the Presidential Palace, all exquisite forms of architecture.

And I really know I am in India now – that wonderful orchestra of car horns and bicycle bells and sirens are all around, macaques are congregating along the roadside and nothing says congestion chaos more than a minor road accident in Delhi – there were lots of observers too! We haven’t taken a Tuk Tuk ride yet but this is one Tuk Tuk that was going nowhere! All over town we are seeing billboards advertising the forthcoming Brisbane G20 meeting. I didn’t know that it was a tourist attraction!

A quick stop at the Mahatma Gandhi Museum, and the Nehru Memorial Museum, before we retreated back to our hotel for a very late afternoon tea of assorted cakes, almond and orange, New York Cheesecake (not as good as the New York ones) and Affogato Cheesecake washed down with a Lassi and now, the day is done!

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  1. This is fabulous – enjoy

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