Not Being Lazy!

Truly I haven’t … I have been ultra busy working on new books!

For one title we had to make a lightning fast trip to the National Library in Canberra two weekends ago to have a look at some of the Asian illustrations there. Back home, a bundle of pages soon arrived and it didn’t take long for me to discover the inspiration for a story. And the end result?

For the last few days our dining room table has been extended to accommodate the images and my writing and Yes! Still paper before computer. For a while I was stuck on how I was putting this story together so, as often is the case, I decided to take a break. This time it wasn’t just making a pot of tea (as I often do when an inspirational break is required) but a walk up the street. And yes. you guessed it. That is when it hit, the structure and flow but more importantly the OPENING of the story. No pen! No paper! It would have been too silly to walk back home to scribble the idea down so my normal ‘exercising’ walk up the street became a rapid rush to the post office while repeating the opening lines. I knew that at the post office I could grab a pen and scribble down the idea (on the back of the SCBWI Bulletin magazine envelope that had just arrived in my post box – another thank goodness for SCBWI).

The photocopied illustrations started out on the table but didn’t allow for me to spread out so soon they were stuck to the art hanging from our wall. So with table extended I was able to write and look at the pictures. Prefect … “Not so good for having breakfast on though!” exclaims Bini.


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