Who is the Illustrator?

Di WuStill not being lazy but quite a few folk have asked “who is illustrating the new book?”  I am so thrilled! It’s the wonderful Di Wu which is MOST appropriate seeing as through the text is China based … ah the joys of my ancestral roots (although it’s not a personal tale).

Di took a break from illustrating kids books for a while (although he has been very, very busy) but when Bini and I were down with the National Library with Susan and we were thinking of illustrators Bini exclaimed “What about Di!” She is very, very clever my Bini! No one came to mind after that announcement.

For those who don’t know Di, he was born in China and before coming to Australia he was an editor and illustrator in one of the biggest Chinese fine arts publishing companies. He won awards there too. His published work include the books Rebel and Old Magic (both by Allan Baillie); Ali Baba (retold by Jean Chapman), Grandpa’s Mask (Jing Jing Guo), Glass Tears (Jane Jolly) and Peacock Girl (Lily Wu – yes Di’s daughter).

Di has a stunning collection of fine art work too and there is even a book about his art – Australian Artist Di Wu Contemporary Art Works … just love his art! Some of his books are available here.

So thrilled that Di will be illustrating the new picture book and can’t wait to see what he will create. Thanks Di!



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