12 Days of Christmas – Denise Vega

Hey Denise Vega (yes that is her in the picture below)

Welcome to 2015 (at least it is here in Australia) and the 12 Days of Christmas … you will love it here. And readers of these 12 Days will love finding out about your favourite memory – “seeing Santa”.


Magic and Possibility

When I was young, we often would drive out to Parker, Colorado on Christmas Eve to visit with some good friends of my parents. Back then, Parker was way out in the boonies, rural and remote. (Today, one of my sisters lives there and it’s a bustling community connected to me by a major highway).

My siblings and I would eat treats and drink eggnog and play with the two boys. Then we’d bundle up and climb in the car for the “long” drive home.

What I remember most was pressing my face against the cold glass of the car window, scouring the night sky for a glimpse of Santa and his sleigh. The stars were plentiful out there and my eyes flicked from one to another, my body tingling with anticipation. Was that him? Did I see a blink of red to tell me Rudolph was leading the way?

“I think I see Santa!” I whispered excitedly to my siblings, who would crowd the window, pressing noses, to see for themselves. We could hardly wait to get home and sleep so we could wake up to find the gifts that had been left for us.

That excitement and anticipation is what I remember most. The night felt magical, like anything was possible, and I go back to that memory—that feeling—when I need it most, when I need things to feel magical and possible again.


Denise Vega is the award-winning author of six books for kids and teens, including her most recent teen novel, Rock On: A story of guitars, gigs, girls and a brother (not necessarily in that order). She also has a picture book coming in 2017. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her family, where she eats a lot of French fries and chocolate, but usually not together. Denise is the co Regional Advisor for the Rocky Mountains chapter of the SCBWI and it is always great to see her at SCBWI gatherings!

Discover more about my wonderful friend Denise at her website: www.denisevega.com

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