If I had to name something that I never imagined ever seeing (let alone standing close enough to touch it) it would have to be the Space Shuttle Atlantis … but today we did! What a thrill. And the goosebumps and tingles that appeared as Atlantis was revealed were totally unexpected. This machine went into space many times, carried humans and other animals and lots of experiments and pieces of space station, and returned to Earth. This would have to be one of the most amazing pieces of transportation – and the experience could only ever be bettered if we were standing in front of the USS Enterprise.

Tuesday we spent walking and bussing around the Kennedy Space Complex in Orlando with Linda. And everything is way so much bigger than imagined. The Saturn Rocket, the Shuttle Atlantis, the tortoise that happened to wander across the roadway in front of our parked coach (mind you it had taken 20 minutes the go from the top of a mound to cross the road 25 feet way – imperial measurements!), the single piece of concrete runway that took two years to construct, the enormous buildings used to assemble the rockets, the Crawler that carried the assembled rockets to the launch pad, the building that holds the secrets of the X-37B and so much more.

We played with simulators, sat on shuttle toilets (you have to look at a screen to make sure you are aiming correctly – it has a built in camera and its not very big), walked under the huge rocket, saw alligators and eagles (and the previously mentioned tortoise).

How do scientists even contemplate solutions to the problems posed by flying humans into outer space?
How do they come up with these crazy ideas?
How can it even work?

What an amazing experience and gazoodles of thanks to Linda for spending the day with us in Space!

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