Cathedral and Museums

We often try and stay a few days in DC when we are here in the US … awesome fun.

Lots of catching up with beautiful friends but also bit of touristy activity as well. This year a high priority was a visit to the National Cathedral. This is still under restoration from the earthquake so we missed seeing the higher altar windows … but the NASA Space window (with the piece of moon rock encased within) was in full view and as the windows have been cleaned recently – even on a dull wear-your-winter-coats day they were glowing. The windows in this cathedral are really quite kaleidoscopic, and the Gargoyles are worth a viewing on their own – although they are so high up it is sometimes difficult to spot them (just adore Darth Vadar). Amazing carvings and needlework and a most majestic organ which I still haven’t heard being played! We dropped in to many of the chapels including the Bethlehem Chapel – (it was the first completed chapel of the church). A service has been held in this chapel every day since it was completed in 1912. We even found out about the carvings on the walls outside the Canon’s Room (the stonemasons thought it was a room for cannons). The external facade of the cathedral is also well known for the gargoyles that are there … it was too cold to go gargoyle spotting though!

And a return visit to Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum was also scheduled. This place has the quirkiest and often off-beat art ever created:- painted paling fences, rotating watch-ya-me-call-its, sculptures that seem to have little purpose  … and the most bizarre gift shop filled with nic-nacs and OP books, and bits and pieces you never see anywhere else – which of course fits in with its quirky art. Exhibitions are sometimes undecipherable – or if they are, one wonders why they were exhibited but it’s a great museum to visit … even if it is just to see the ornate exterior and the mirror covered bus. And don’t forget the loos. There is art there too!

And to finish off a Sunday Baltimore visit – dine at the Rusty Scupper restaurant on the water’s edge … with all you can eat buffet lunch (delish!) to the sounds of a fantaz jazz band.


Art Museum:

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