Miami & Orlando

We took a solo day today in Miami post conference. The big decision was what to do – sit by the pool or go downtown? It was a public holiday so that meant lots of things were closed but many open too – so it was a ride on the MetroRail and then the MonoRail downtown. And the metro here goes to places. It doesn’t do a silly little loop like our now defunct monorail.

Once we hit downtown it was time for an early lunch at BubbaGumps (we made it a slow morning)… and of course I just had to try the shoes … then a short stroll around the water and onto a bus for a city tour spying many of the art deco buildings.

Packing and sorting and preparing to head to Orlando and the day is short but it is done. It was just great to veg out and relax! And that was Monday.

Tuesday was a driving day up to Orlando for we are here to do the Disney Thing. After the drive in our hire car – I didn’t buy it but … I hired a jeep (to the sounds of the television commercial in Australia) and once we unpacked and rested a tad it was straight into the walking shoes for a stroll to DownTown Disney. What wonders did we behold? The Lego shop and the best creation ever – a dragon. I have been hanging out for a Lego dragon for ever. Now one has been finally designed and released and I have a Lego Dragon! We snaffled a few other bits and pieces, strolled the street, drank chocolate milk and then strolled right back to the hotel. Wonderful Lego models filled the land around the shop. There was lots of terrific live music and dancing and people just having fun! But then that is just about the Disney Mantra.

Lego Dragon

Lego Dragon

Tuesday done.

Oh and a snap here from Bini’s birthday dinner. She had an extra long birthday this year!

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