Meetings and Intensives

And now the pre-conference gatherings.

The hotel has once again decorated the statues. Last year it was Dr. Seuss and this year – Harry Potter. They even had the scarf (that was added after this photo was snapped).

hyatt lobby

hyatt lobby

Thursday was a time for the Regional Team members to gather and chat about all things SCBWI, from memberships to websites to instructions for us to make time to write or draw. It’s also a great time to catch up with the folks I have met year after year.

Friday was an intensive day of Intensives – all day Intensives for writing, illustrating and creating websites – and folks were thrilled with the intensity of the sessions. Many positive comments and creations!

The evening programme – this is always one of my favourite time of the conference. It’s a time for viewing the terrific art work displayed in the portfolio showcase. Every year the art on display is glorious and just a wonder. I marvel at the creativity and the talent of these people. This year there were more portfolios and still an impossible decision I am sure for the judges. The winners will be announced on SUnday. It’s also a time to catch up with publisher friends from the industry here in New York City. So much children’s literature creativity in one room.

And our Friday lunch was also a meeting with the delightful Emily Feinberg … thanks Emily for lunch and the chatting – looking forward to many more!

with Emily Feinberg


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