A Carolinas Weekend

A full moon rising over the horizon. This was sure to be oodles of fun.

Friday night I began the proceedings with an opening keynote that was part inspirational (to get the folks in the mood) and part story – talking about creating believable characters, and finding story, and listening to the child voice, while my Sunday morning keynote was about the writer’s life or more specifically, about my favourite subject (nearly) – ME.

Saturday saw the Spring Writer’s Retreat with first Kendra and then Mallory delivering terrific workshops that really made the participants think, and ponder, and come up with some absolutely stirling writing pieces. Kendra, who is also a life coach, really had the folks move to a ‘solitary’ place in their minds (the room was silent with nearly all eyes closed) to really get the creative juices flowing and Mallory had folks writing heaps though out.

Interspersed with these, the folks were engaged in peer-to-peer groups critiquing existing synopsis and manuscripts. Some came with completed manuscripts – that they then decided need more work. Saturday evening was an open mike time for the folks to read their synopsis and generate discussion. It was great experience for them to read their work aloud to an audience!

Teresa and Bonnie (2/3 of the team behind the Carolinas) experimented with the operation of this programme and they should be really thrilled at the result. It was a huge success and everyone was buzzed with the days and having time to just create, develop, and draw down on their experiences. I was thrilled to be able to jump in and comment throughout.

Of course I have to mention food, and now I have added a Carolina’s Sampler with pulled roast pork, Hoppin’ John, collard greens, and black pepper cornbread; breakfast of grits and biscuit; Jalapeño-cheddar Hushpuppies … lure the names! Still don’t know what Hoppin’ Johns are.

A few stray copies of Water (left over from the New England Conference) were in my bags and these were acquired (thankfully … it meant I didn’t have even more weight in my luggage home) and signed. Then on Sunday morning I was told how a family of boys loved reading Water. That morning they discovered in their yard and sent back with their mom a five leaf clover for me … that was soon sitting on my computer. Just adorable.

So thanks SCBWI Carolinas for bringing me down to join in the Spring Writer’s Retreat.

Then it was home to Sydney.

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  1. Theresa & Bonnie do a great job of planning conferences and retreats. I’m sorry I missed this one. It sounds and looks like it was a wonderfully inspiring weekend.

    sandra214 May 9, 2015 at 11:55 pm Reply

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