And now the Carolinas

So after a few New York days of sunshine and walking and meeting and talking it was a flight to Raleigh Durham to land in Chapel Hill for this weekend’s Carolina’s Writer’s Retreat for Teresa Fanin and the Carolina’s Crew. Last night, Friday, the retreat began with me delivering the Opening Keynote – all about my perspective on Writing for Children – who would have thought that all those years ago when I started ‘playing’ with writing kids books but that I would still be doing it and being flown around the world to talk about it. It’s a vastly different audience here. Last weekend I was delivering a keynote with to 600+ bodies. This weekend there are 30+ here but it is still oodles of fun.

As well as delivering the opening and closing keynotes Teresa has engaged the services of Kendra Levin, Senior Editor Viking Children’s Books and Mallory Kass, Senior Editor at Scholastic Press. So looking forward to hearing them speak.

We dined first, before the retreat began, on scrumptious meals – although it was rather difficult to read the menu and see what we were eating as the lighting was so low. Maybe the mice were not running the generators very well!

So, let the retreat begin in earnest!

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