the Convict Trail

A few years ago (was it really that long ago?) I wrote the radio-play style script about the building of the Great North Road for an App. A segment of this has been created for the soon to be released downloadable the Convict Trail Project. This convict-built road still retains some of the original sandstone culverts, bridges, and walls as well as the convict-hewn drains. And of course tied in with the construction of the road are the buildings of the area as well.

Yesterday, Dan (who is the technical brains behind the App) and I took a drive along a section of the Convict Trail road that included the villages of Wollombi, Mulla Villa, Laguna, and Bucketty, listening to my script on his iPhone and seeing the sights. Much more of the script (the Sydney to Wiseman’s Ferry section) is yet to be narrated and incorporated into the app. The App, also available for tablet, (no this is not a marketing exercise) is GPS enabled so once engaged at the trigger point the narration starts. How amazing hearing someone read my words!

The area is filed with natural bushland and yesterday (a crystal clear day with a light wind sailing through the trees) native animals were everywhere – even crossing the roads. We spied a turtle safely navigating its way across the bitumen and listened to amazing bird choruses accompanied by rustling trees!! It really is quite shivering seeing the work the convicts did, and knowing the conditions under which many worked.


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