AFCC 2015 – Day 2

Lots of action today (well mostly after lunch) at AFCC with talks on Transmedia Publishing, Indigenous Writing, Digital Content, Humour as well as special session for the country of focus – China. For me it was nice to have a quieter morning before a SCBWI lunch connecting with the Regional Team members here at the conference. A quick rush from there and I was on a panel with my friend Nury Vittachi, and Shirin Yim Bridges and Sarah Odedina and we were the first AFCC Authors Debate. Our Topic – Asian Readers Deserve Something Better than Translations of Western Works. We were hoping for something a little juicy and controversial that we could really get stuck into … still we made the topic our own. We didn’t quite throw chairs and at times we were throwing in a few red herrings or getting some juice into the chat. That was lots of fun.

A dash down to the bowels of the library and I was moderating a session The Growing Interest in Folk Lore and Myth … it’s very hard for me to keep quiet in these sessions and not just be a moderator. So moderating with comments came along at question time.

And finally a jump across the library to hear the Children’s Literature Lecture with the keynote on the Changing Landscape of Picture Books in China being delivered by Mei Zihan where we heard a few tales from today and also from pre-cultural revolution. All of this was delivered in Mandarin so many of us were wearing headphones to listen to the translation! It felt like someone in the UN building!

And the night ended down by the Singapore Waterscape where the Singapore SCBWI crew and a few others gathered for an evening meal! Tis really fantastic being able to meet all the intentional folk and it is quite amazing to think that 6 years ago when i fest came for the festival there were 6 SCBWI members. They now number 50+.

Day 2 done.

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