AFCC 2015 – day one

“Here we go again. I remember this road quite well,” I thought as we were shimmying and skimming down the road (and there was some shimmying and skimming … it was wet) from Changi Airport in Singapore, in the taxi at 10pm last night. And when I pulled up at the hotel – it was just as I remembered. HOT!

So now day 1 of the 2015 Asian Festival of Children’s Content – the Writers and Illustrators component is done. Two days to go. For me this was a fairly easy day (and just as well still recovering from the flight plonked in the tail end of the plane – thrilled last row!!!) that included a breakfast meeting in the morning with my wonderful friend Kathleen Ahrens (of course it was a meeting – we discussed SCBWI), attending the launch of Tania McCartney‘s book Peas in a Pod, lunch that flowed through to another SCBWI Translators meeting with Avery, as well as the obligatory attendance at afternoon and morning sessions, and then a dinner and book launches celebrating Singapore Authors and Illustrators.

One of the thrills of attending an event like this is to catch with friends from all over the globe – especially those like Nury Vittachi and Candy Gourlay (and more whose photos are yet to be snapped and added). Another thrill is the food … spices and curries and all things soon very nice!

I have been making my annual pilgrimage to Singapore for AFCC for a while now (is this my sixth year?) and it is great to see this festival grow and flourish and seeing children’s literature celebrated with a very distinct Asian flavour.

I keep saying this is the best job in the world and it most surely is!
Day two to come but first … some zzzz’s.

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