Sparkling Lambton Public

Eeek – I forgot to add a note about my terrific day at Lambton Public School up Newcastle way last week. Lots of driving. I left home with the sun just greeting the morning, and drove and drove and drove and drove and as I told the students – most of them were still in bed when I got up that morning!

But what a buzz it was. Mrs Quinn has a great library and the students at the school are avid listeners – and they ask great questions too. I spoke to the three stages and during a break recorded a piece to iPad that some of the students, wrote, crafted, interviewed and directed all about me and writing and my top writing tips! They are going to post that out to the school network too. Now that was super fun.

Some photos of the day have been shuffled along to me and all I can say is oh my goodness … I hope I wasn’t too scary for some of the students – although the photos of me pulling those crazy faces is probably during a narration of Sounds Spooky!

We chatted, well I chatted and they very much listened, about writing, about books, about ideas, about homes, and driving and super heroes and crazy weather and teachers too! Lotsafun! We talked about researching and editing and books and sources of information and laughing and snorting (there was bit of that going on!) and just being buzzed with stories and reading!

Hey Lambton, keep on writing, and keep on having fun with your writing … and don’t forget to share your stories. Super!

Thanks for a grand day.

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