Pre Conference

The buzz is increasing but before the conference begins is the gathering for the regional advisors (and those of us who were). A day to workshop and share thoughts and discover solutions to the problems that are taking forever to be worked out!

And what could be better right now than feasting – it’s breakfast under the Californian sun. Then it was down to work and two new SCBWI videos (amazing videos about the SCBWI family and the website) and the new launch party facility of the website were revealed … exquisite! I can’t wait to use it to launch New Year Surprise.

And … folks, who I haven’t seen for eons, are in town – Hello to Katherine Battersby and Tina Burke (two aussies now living in Canada) and it is soooo glorious to see them again! They are super creative and wonderfully talented illustrators. Just adore there work.

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  1. Lovely that you are at #LASCBWI15! Thanks for sharing all of this, Chris. 😉

    viviankirkfield August 2, 2015 at 10:17 am Reply

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