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I was so thrilled last year when the Learning Services crew at the State Library of NSW snaffled me to come in and be part of their 2015 Book Week celebrations – and today was that day. Not only was it the chatting to schools in New South Wales and Victoria over the video connection but I was also able to once again see/touch/hold/oggle over some of the original documents that I used when writing my early historical fiction novels, New Gold Mountain and the Melting Pot.

Imagine – some of these documents and bound papers are over 150 years old … and when I tell the kids that that is even older than their parents, grandparents, or their teachers, that creates more than a subdued and soft murmur through the room!

It still amazes me that the library holds these exquisite pieces of our history – and of course I am so thrilled and thankful that they do. I never tire of my time in at the library!

There was also a quick writing activity and then the session was done. I also squeezed in a rapid fire chat to some of the 300 students from Salamah College (Chester Hill) between my sessions and that too was noodles of fun. Hope they all are spared with the reading bug! There was lots of tweeting from @SLNSW_Learning throughout my chats (which of course I have retweeted). Thanks Pauline and Megan for stacks of fun in there … you KNOW I adore hanging out in the library!

And my parting words today – Love your Librarian!

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