with Active Kids Group

What fun last week was. To celebrate Book Week much of the week for me was spent driving from Homebush to Vaucluse and many stops in between for I was visiting with the preschoolers from the Active Kids Group centres!

active kids group

In every centre Sounds Spooky was the featured book – how could I say no to screaming and shouting and whispering and making spooky sounds with a gathering of preschoolers. There were lots of smiling faces (and just a few oohs and ahhs) and many surprised faces – even adult ones! We chanted and recited and there were even some action times as we were reading along! I also adored seeing the dress-up consumes. Some of them were even book characters! And it was thrilling to see book centres, libraries and nooks and corners – and even one with a reading room. Yay to the passion and love for books!

Hope you all enjoyed your Book Week craziness. Thanks for the grand wishes and also for the lovely note from my visit. You can read just about anywhere … except maybe when you are in the bathtub so … keep on reading. And when you have nothing to do … read some more!

Thanks to Jodie Teran (the ops manager for AKG) who worked out my travelling schedule and arranged all the visits.

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