Christmas in NEW YORK

We are here … and as usual it has been a long long trip to get here but we just love coming back to New York.

As we were so tuckered out (Bini’s phrase) we took it a little quieter on the first few days than we normally would, circulating at mid-morning and then strolling around a few streets in Manhattan. And after just this short strolling we knew that there is nothing like Christmas in New York: the lights, carolling, a forest of live Christmas Trees, many twinkling and sparkling and bauble-filled, dancing and carolling Salvation Army staff on many corners, larger than life NutCrackers, and wire scultptured angels (we have found our Christmas Card for 2016), and stunningly created window displays the likes of which we have ever seen.

Being the weekend there were people everywhere … none more so than those watching the light show outside Saks Fifth Avenue. No wonder there were traffic warnings about theĀ congestion in the city! Police cordon the crowds, watch the barriers, keep track of all the jay walkers and those extending the footpath to the roadway. This was even more fantastic because it was totally a surprise – we stumbled on this one. We have been finding as many Christmas windows as we can including the those on Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf-Goodman, Macys … and really and truly – no one does Christmas windows like the new York department stores. They are spectacular. Some, even come with amplifications such that we were standing outside Saks on Fifth Ave listening to the exquisite orchestration.

And of course there have also been more than a few gatherings with the folk of the children’s book fraternity … it is so wonderful to see our friends from this side of the world.

And then the markets … soooo many markets Bryant Park Winter Markets, GreenFlea Markets, Union Square Markets … and more. And yes Bini has shopped. Just love the markets.

But the most amazing place so far … Bemelman’s Bar in the Carlysle Hotel … and if you don’t know this bar you might know the book Madeline. This bar is named in honor of Ludwig Bemelmans, the creator of the classic Madeline childrenā€™s books and is decorated with his amazing art. How inspirational to be sitting in the same room.

at Bemelmans Bar

at Bemelmans Bar

Just wonderful fun …. now if there was just a titch of snow it would be perfect, although Bini is very happy with no snow!

More to come.

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