Ambassador Duties

What a thrill it has been this Australia Day, January 26, to be an Ambassador and visiting Kempsey. Thank you to Kempsey Shire Council and the mayor, Liz Campbell for hosting us for this wonderful gathering. It was a delight being there in Kempsey … again!

So how do you get to Kempsey? When you are Ambassador you fly to Port Macquarie first … I don’t like little planes with propellers – and then you drive!

First Ambassadorial gig was at the library but for me there was a little bit of bush-bashing first!

My first ambassadorial gig was to speak at the Kempsey Library – Libraries are critically important and sometimes I think critically endangered so it is great to see one still flourishing in Kempsey. Libraries are often the community linch-pin pulling people in from all parts of the districts and all walks of life. Here I chatted to a small collective of interested folk about books (especially my new title) and writing, and my many visits to Kempsey.

Monday evening, pre-Australia Day was the awards ceremony and my Ambassadorial Address. I was asked to speak about anything — the exact words were anything you like! Awesome! Thankfully that wasn’t too hard, (I talked about something i know very well – me!) and thankfully I had a time keeper because this was such an easy address to make and I had barely started when I saw the half way mark time signal! Hopefully it was a little inspirations and fun too! Along with the Mayor Liz Campbell and the federal Hon Luke Hartsuyker I presented certificates as well. And then surprise … a beautiful Akubra hat was presented to me that is proudly, very proudly being worn. Little did they know that on a previous visit I was rather disappointed that we couldn’t do a tour of the factory! My old Akurbra (snowy river) is very old, nay tis nearly deceased and rather holey!

Then for Australia Day it was off down the road to the Crescent Head community for an early morning sausage breakfast BBQ put on by the local Lions Club, a few off the cuff, impromptu words from me follow by more certificate presentations.

What a superlative Australia Day. It is a joy and a great thrill to be asked to be an Ambassador for our magical day. Even with our flips and flops (and we do have a few) we still have a glorious country that I just adore. Every time we fly in to Sydney and see the Harbour it is home!!!

Thanks again to the Kempsey Shire too for my super gift. This Bogart Akubra hat is just what I needed and will be worn all over the place – starting with Canberra this coming weekend.

thanks to Kempsey Shire Council too for some of these photographs. 

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