Bologna – Food

Leaving Sydney I said that this time, every single night of my stay in Bologna will be a PASTA night … that is Bologna after all and that, to my recollection is what I did. And here following are just a few examples of the numerous pasta dishes I feasted upon. Thankfully when I took these photos they were also tagged and appear with their location and names. That is such excellent news for when we return to Bologna.


and a few other plates too:

Then there is the COFFEE; coffee in the hotel (passable –  with art designed to deflect the drinker from thinking you are in Italy and yet this is not the best coffee you have tasted), coffee at the Book Fair (still well made and better than the hotel cup), coffee supped quickly while standing in the shop (brilliant and supped in the knowledge that this is how locals drink coffee on their way to work), coffee sitting down while resting the weary bones (more sweetness and more delightful than expected), and coffee on the plane (impossible to drink!)

and then there is GELATO … belissimo! Alas there was a gelato shop near my hotel … thankfully it went down well at the end of many nights! and there was Gelato as I was leaving Bologna airport … yummy!

and the PASTRIES – delectable. And I did eat many more pastries than this … I just didn’t photographs them all!!!

Eating and eating in Bologna is way too much fun!

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