Bologna – time to collapse

and then it was done.

Finally finally finally the two boxes of wall hangings were posted and sent back to the USA for storage … until next time we want to show off! But to get that done was a real rigmarole! First we found out that there is no shipping company at the fair, the post office at the fair does not send packages (they have a big weighing machine and tow postal clerks), and the local city post office is not known by the staff at the fair (they sent us to one that was closed yonks ago). Thankfully our book store was able to point us in the right direction, so, many flights of stairs up and down at the fair, and three taxi rides later we found the post office and packages were away!

That afternoon there was a post conference coffee and pastry.
That night we collapsed in the restaurant.

Bologna 2016 done! (thanks susan for letting me pinch your photo!)

… but wait. There is more to come so keep watching this space!

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