Writing at the National Library

Having just returned from the Bologna Book Fair (I did have two days rest and yes, I will be posting about Bologna shortly) it was a driving day down to Canberra to one of my favourite places, the National Library, in time for a Thursday afternoon Writing Workshop.  Thanks to Ben and the crew down there for organising our stay and the participants.

Workshop slide

A double dose of ME

This worshop I approached a little differently because Di’s glorious illustrations that he created for my New Year Surprise! text are still on display on the walls outside the activity room there so with workshop attendees in tow we examined the illustrations and discussed what we were seeing and what could be there … a little visual literacy. A bit of writing on the floor, (great for making library staff walk all over and around) recording what they were seeing and then it was back into the conference room for more writing – first just ideas, and then the beginnings of a story or poem or verse … something inspired by the illustrations. This was a perfect way to operate this workshop as I took a similar approach when creating the text, basing my story on the illustrations of children and festivals in China that I originally saw. More chatting and more writing and then the session was done … time really does fly.

Stories of flying dragons, stories of warrior children, poems about kites, and the beginnings of an adventure piece were amongst some of the works created. Hopefully we grabbed enough writing time as the library staff copied the works with a plan to add them to the library blog.

Astute viewers will notice the relaxed conferencing style, lounging all over the tables. The workshops even made it into the library’s What’s On magazine and the staff created a really super slide to showcase in the room – a double dose of ME.

All in all oodles of fun in Canberra.

And if you haven’t seen the Celestial Empire exhibition there is still time. Do go … it is amazing!

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