Bologna – Final Words … for now!

This is a beautiful city, full of laughter and excitement and evocative buildings that most definitely tell their own stories.

Saturday and Sunday is also time where folks gather (the main street is closed to car traffic which we found on our arrival Saturday afternoon – lazy taxi driver didn’t want to take us the long way around to the hotel avoiding the people crush … and dropped us off nearby that was still a 15 minute drag your bags walk away) and people are everywhere; drinking coffee, smoking (argh), chatting, canoodling, listening to street music some of which was brilliant (winds who absolutely played up to the crowd) and some of which was not (electric guitarist – he was miming the whole thing, badly too), feasting gelato, shopping, more chatting and coffeeing … This place just tingles with excitement and fun.

Music, sculptures and street art:


More buildings and a few people:

And – I must make a mention of my accommodation. A room for one was booked and this is the room … a very single single bed that I did fall out of on more than one occasion.

So there we have it. A bunch of Bologna posts … nearly as many as the days I was there. I really can’t wait to go back, do SCBWI again and explore much much more of this evocative place.


And lastly I want to mention that there is a BIG team behind Bologna – Kathleen, Angela, Susan and myself are the face of SCBWI Bologna but there are others involved too – Elisabeth and Patti, Marilyn and Margo (Regional Advisors who were in Bologna and did soooo very much to make our job as smooth as it could be), heaps of the headquarters folk who did everything from helping Susan design our booth and designing the promotional material (thank you Sarah Baker), putting together our digital catalogue (thank you Sarah Diamond) to answering my multitudinous web questions (thanks oodles Josh), our BiG judges (the amazingly gracious and talented Laurent Linn, Naomi Kojima, Doug Cushman), Cynthia (who posted all our Bologna interviews) and of course Steve and Lin who always say YES!

We couldn’t have done Bologna without all of YOU!!!


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