Break Part 2 …

Have car will drive and that is what we did.

Saturday was a day for driving. A leisurely breakfast and then out onto the roads – and I am even driving on the USA side of the roads too! We stopped by the cute town of Berlin and checked out many of the antique stores, picking up a few small bits and pieces and wishing that there were no luggage restrictions. Rested (its strenuous work antique browsing) for lunch in a diner and then onto the bitumen for the drive down a short way to Assateague Island and the wild horses. Everyone says we must take a trip out there so we did. It was not far onto the island when we encountered the first herd, just meandering along the road – hence cars slowing to a stop, including ours and going snap-happy taking photos of the roaming wild horses. At home they wouldn’t get such ‘special’ treatment! There’s water, beach, sand and more horsing around going on around the island. We even took our swimming costumes but that was as much action as the costumes saw. Our return trip to Salisbury was taken via Snow Hill (or should it be slow hill) … which is, to say the very least, a sleep little hollow. The town was so very quiet, save for one antique store blasting music through loud speakers onto the street. And we discovered that, we wont be around for the Blessing of the Combines. sigh.

In Berlin:

At Asseateague:

Sunday is Bini’s happy day – we went shopping and she found some 3/4 pants. Success on a grand scale. Drove around town looking at the older buildings and admiring the gorgeous stone churches – there are so many of them – and visiting history …

On our list of Salisbury things to do was Poplar Hill Mansion, Salisbury’s oldest building. We had planned a further afternoon of driving the local roads and highways but we spent way too long at the mansion. It was though thoroughly enjoyable – we had a very personalised guided tour through the house. The staff there are so knowledgeable about every little nook and cranny and stick of furniture, that is contained within (and outside) the walls, even the fireplace in the children’s room where the nanny was burnt and the leather used to fill the hole. Servants quarters and staircases, the original glass and paint scheme (some pretty layout colours were originally used), the layout of the house, all quite remarkable.

And now the day is done, as is the weekend. Another week of lectures soon begin so better prep!

And these few crazy signs were spied too:

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