Most often when I am travelling I try and drop in to the local SCBWI chapter and chat to the folks there and last night, just the second night away, it was a thrill to finally catch up with a few of the folks from the Maryland/Deleware/West Virginia chapter. Sue was able to snaffle a room in one of the branch libraries and so for well over 90 minutes I talked on my favourite subject ME and with lots of chatting about writing for multiple ages too. It was supposed to be a 60 minutes chat and then questions but my time keeper (aka Bini) wasn’t with me and so I prattled on way longer than I expected – but no one left and no one fell asleep so that was grand. Then we did have questions and by 9.10pm Sue and I were walking out the door. Amazingly the library was already closed and we were left to depart on our own! Wonderful to see a few new members attending (and who assured me that this was well worth an SCBWI membership). Thanks to the Regional Advisor Sue Poduska for hosting me and organising her crew.

Sue snapped a few of these photos:

And then Friday (today) was a day of eating and resting and cruising. We dropped in to the most glorious bookstore Politics and Prose (alas I couldn’t see Python adorning the shelves) and we could have spent hours and hours there. Of course that means we need a return visit when we are back in town.

Last stop on our town cruise, a call in to a supermarket here for some essentials and just happened to spy these ‘natural’ floral bouquets adorning a stand – they are probably left over from the 4th July holiday at the beginning for this week – and still blooming too!

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