It’s Done

And so this being our last afternoon and evening in Salisbury for this trip we took a little stroll around town (well our part of the neighbourhood) on the way to dinner, before returning to complete the packing of the bags. We spied some beautiful houses and a few even more stunning flowers.

I have been here for nearly two weeks and now my EDUC 590 & ELED 360 course (and more) is now done … well at least the class attendance part is done. Now for my students there is just the completion and delivery of their assignments over the next two weeks … and all is then done for them. For me there is marking and submitting grades and all that administrivia. This has been a blast. So much fun. The first week was lots of discussion and the past few days we have spent much more of the time writing and experimenting.

A few additional talks have also been part and parcel of my time here at Salisbury, including a few to the Masters students (about books and me and digital publishing), another open public talk, as well as another to teaching undergrads. Already there are plans underway for me to come on back so that is glorious. Thanks to my friend Professor Ernie Bond for pulling me in to Salisbury to run the course. I can’t believe it is basically done! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Salisbury … but I am a city boy!

And this is where we were dwelling for the past two weeks. A rather interesting abode (the basement was a throwback to a long past era from last century … the drama department stores there ‘things’ down there). Thankfully the other residents were ‘mostly’ absent while we were here so that had the house to ourselves!

So now we head back to DC for a few days R&R, and i need oodles of it. This full time teaching is heavy stuff … and then off to the LA for the next instalment of the SCBWI Summer Conference. That’s all from Salisbury!

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  1. Very groovy Chris! 🙂 e

    Elizabeth Dulemba July 25, 2016 at 11:24 pm Reply
  2. Enjoyed your tour and photos of Salisbury, especially the houses. Have fun the rest of your trip. –Joe Poduska.

    cdtoday July 25, 2016 at 11:52 pm Reply

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