Lectures Begin


So the reason that we came to the USA, and very specifically Salisbury University, is that Prof. Ernie Bond asked me to run a summer school grad course on writing non-fiction for children. For this I have had to prepare lesson notes and plan out 4 weeks of teaching so that I know what I am doing. It been quite a while since my last lesson notes preparation of this depth but it wasn’t a chore and made lesson time so much easier. Most of my students have been teachers so we have changed this from a solely writers’ course to a writers’ course with classroom teaching hints. I have even had to set assignments! And now Week One of classes (as well as extra speaking gigs in other lectures) are completed and it is time for a resting weekend!

Thankfully too I was able to contact some of the international publishers I met in Bologna and ask them send books to me here to use in my course, along with the ones I lugged all the way from home. Even though this is summer holidays there are many people still around campus: students, professors, oodles of other staff and a few furry critters or three – moles, squirrels and a wide assortment of amazing feathered life. This week we also found the college cafeteria for lunchtime feasting and one of the numerous local Starbucks establishments – although tonight we went and purchased a coffee plunger and that will save us quite a bit!

And now already Week One of classes is done!! What a buzz.

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