To Boldly Go….

This is the mission for which we were engaged last Saturday. Nothing could deter us from the task set. And the mission was successful because we did get to the Space and Science Museum to see the original starship USS Enterprise model that was first used in series one of Star Trek! Bini was snaffled into deep conversation with a more recent Star Trek fan … who was quite amazed when she told him that we had seen the first series, quite a while ago. And we stayed around the display case for ages to make sure we were in prime position  to see the Enterprise light up! Glorious! This place require many more hours than we can devote to it – this time.

While out and about the area we walked to the original building, the Smithsonian Castle and had a quick look inside at the beautifully crafted wooden cases and large doors with intricately engraved latches. Beautiful, although some of the animals were a little over-stuffed! We also stumbled into another museum and the ceramic galleries … there is so much to see here in the museums.

Nearby are amazing plants in the gardens, wound around trees or hanging from heavily laden baskets that would look so lovely in our little Newtown abode – if only!! And the weather here just fantastic — heat and warmth and sun and warmth … just prefect.

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