12 Days of Christmas – Phil Cummings

Phil Cummings – how great to have him here on these 12 Days of Christmas. We go back quite a while but like many of my Aussie friends we don’t see each other often enough … its a big land Australia! Here is his beautiful memory of family and food!

As a child I lived in the Mid North of South Australia, about a three hour drive from Adelaide and Christmas was always something I looked forward to with great excitement. On Christmas Eve the town we lived in would close the Main Street to traffic and the shops would all be open for business. The shop windows were always beautifully decorated and families from the surrounding farming districts would come from everywhere for the festivities. The street would be very crowded and I remember it being a wonderfully vibrant event that brought the community together. Santa would arrive in the back of a ute, tossing handfuls of golden lollies to the footpath as he passed! Scrambling for the small golden nuggets in the darkness, armed with a water pistol to ward of any would-be ‘bushrangers’, was a big part of the fun.

On Christmas Day our family would gather and my mother always put on an incredible Christmas lunch, not just for us but for anyone who wanted to come along. My older siblings had many friends who were staying in the town and working away from home; my mother always made sure that they knew they were welcome on Christmas Day.

So, Christmas has always been an important family time for me and the tradition continues with a family that continues to grow. My older siblings all have children and they in turn have had children and, as it stands at present, I have seventeen great nieces and nephews that bring their innocence, laughter and infectious energy to our Christmas gatherings!


Phil Cummings lives in the Adelaide Hills region of Adelaide South Australia. You can find oodles about Phil at his website here: www.philcummings.com.

Phil’s latest titles include ANZAC Biscuits illustrated by Owen Swan (Scholastic 2013). Bridie’s Boots Illustrated by Sara Acton (Working Title Press 2014). Newspaper Hats illustrated by Owen Swan (Scholastic 2015) and Be Brave, Pink Piglet, illustrated by Sarah Davis (Hachette 2015).  Echidna Jim went for a Swim illustrated by Laura Wood (Scholastic Press) was released in February. Phil’s book Ride, Ricardo Ride! illustrated by Shane Devries, (Omnibus Scholastic 2015) was a CBCA Honour Book in the 2016 awards.

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  1. That sounds like a delightful Christmas! I particularly like the water pistols, but we wouldn’t have been able to use them where I grew up (Winnipeg, Canada), because the water would have frozen before we could take aim!

    A. Colleen Jones January 4, 2017 at 1:28 am Reply

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