A Pocket Cheng History

(…or sometimes it’s Christopher, or Mr Cheng, but I really like Chris).

You can read more information on the rest of the “Cheng Clan” also.

I am a husband, a writer, a teacher, an uncle, a godfather, a brother, a friend and even a pal!!

I am a full time Children’s author of picture books, fiction and non-fiction in both traditional and digital media. I didn’t start out being a writer. In fact all I ever wanted to do was be a primary school teacher. Today all I ever want to do is to write. I know my best book is yet to come.

I grew up with my family in a large federation house in Sydney. Primary school was fun (I still know some of my magical primary school teachers), high school was okay and eventually I snuck into University – what a blast. Not many males trained to be teachers at my university!

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