Poetry – Share it and Shout it!

Poetry is sooooo important. From the earliest of ages babies and toddlers hear poetry but once they hit school it is often missed. Dr Margaret Zeegers, Assoc. Prof at Ballarat University has seen my poetry collection and asked me to write an article about my thoughts on Poetry in the classroom for the ALEA (Australian Literacy Educators Association) journal Practically Primary.

Interested? Then here is the start of the article:

Practically Primary

I was very privileged to have teachers at my primary school who loved playing with words. The adventure stories that one teacher told of his journeys with a great explorer were wonderful and ignited a real love for telling stories. He also provided us with poems that we loved to recite. He would enter our classroom, place his briefcase on the desk, stand at the front and recite a poem or ballad. By the end of the week we had all written the poem into our writing books, we had often memorized the poem and when it was our turn for the school assembly item more often than not we would recite that poem. And I am sure we entered competitions where we would recite poems too. I have that writing book – or parts of it and it was the discovery of those pages one day a few years ago that was the germ for compiling Classic Australian Poems.


Want more? Then the full article can be read here: practically primary – poetry.

This article first appeared in Practically Primary, Vol 18, Num 2, June 2013 and published by ALEA (Australian Literacy Educators’ Association).