Zoo You Later

Zoo You LaterIllustrated by Kerry Millard
ABC for Kids 2000
ISBN 0733305911

Zoos love telling us about the new babies being born, the new exhibits that have been built, the crazy things that animals do and the wonderful ways that the animals stay in their exhibits without the use of bars. Sometimes though, the animals don’t follow the rules and decide to visit the world outside of their exhibits but you don’t often hear about these zoo happenings.

Zoo You Later is the book that spills the beans, or should I say opens the gate on these not so well known zoo happenings. Read about an orangutan which climbed over a hot wire system to walk the zoo grounds; a python that escaped the zoo with the aid of a human accomplice; a lion that proved that it can walk on water; a bird which people said couldn’t fly that did; or a mongoose that decided not to appear at the opening of the new residence. And all the escapes really happened. Kerry Millard’s wonderful illustrations will give you many giggles too.

Modern zoos are fantastic places where we can find out about the wonders of the animal kingdom. Make sure that you visit yours but don’t be surprised if a strange looking animal comes up to you and says ‘Zoo You Later’.

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