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So its nearly time for the jolly red fat man to come slip sliding down the chimney – will it be coal? will it be goodies? After the crazy time travelling that this year has been it is really nice to spend a good long time at home here and resting and relaxing and catching up on lots of fun stuff! And baking … The Christmas cooking will consist of 4 batches of Christmas cake, one Christmas pudding, lots of snacks and nibbles, at least one oven of mince tarts, and a Christmas turkey dinner for 5.


The big event this month was tripping off to India to speak to the Indian chapter of the SCBWI, to attend Bookaroo festival and then to visit schools in Kolkata – all in 6 days so that definitely mean a rest is required!








So the School holidays here in NSW have begun … what will be doing this month?


Where does the time go …

After the trip to Singapore for AFCC and then to Manila for the Little Lit Fest June has been a month of catching up on lots of the things I have left in a pile to do asap. Testing out the new SCBWI website that will be launched in a few months time has also been on going as well as revisiting a few older manuscripts that i still love that i think would make excellent work. And then there has been the Sparklight office work … yes more of that in the coming months but the eBook is nearly ready – as are our other plans. I squeezed in a gig for the Books in Home crew too.

And then there was the lightning fast trip to Hong Kong for the celebration of my grandfather and his life. That was so much fun and wonderful spending time with the relatives.


Time to get back to some writing and after the excitement of the shortlisting for Python I have been looking back at another animal manuscript for Walker Books. THen of course at the end of May was the trip to SIngapore for Asian Festival of Children’s Content and on to Manila for the Little Lit Fest. THis has been a month of lots of speaking … and a book launch. Water, the picture book I wrote last year that was published by AFCC to tie in with the UN International Year of Water Cooperation was launched in Singapore at the festival and is now out! yee hah!

Finishing off the last pieces for the Convict Trail Project, and tinkering with a few digital ideas.

March & April

In between meetings in Los Angeles and Hong Kong I have been powering away at the text for the downloadable App I have been writing for the Convict Trail Project folks. Details on writing the text for the first App are here. Right now, April, I am finishing the second installment on the Glenorie to Wiseman’s Ferry stretch of the Great North Road. Lots of interesting convict works and markings and even a grave or two.

April was also the announcement of the Children’s Book Council of Australia shortlist and Python made it. It wasn’t even on my radar! Yee hah!