My Dragons

And here he is in his full glory:

My Dragon

Thank you to the wonderfully talented illustrator Christina Booth who created my dragon. Notice the book he is reading and the writing implements in his claws … a talented dragon. There is also a much bigger version of my dragon too.

Why dragons?

Ever since I was – well I can’t remember when – I have loved dragons … and especially the benevolent, just and Chinese Dragon. Western fire breathing Dragons are nice too! Our house has a few dragons lurking around on shelves and flowerpots and in secret places – always observing, never interfering. Here are just a few:

And from a recent (April 2013) trip to Hong Kong here be our latest dragon additions:

Our latest Dragon additions

Our latest Dragon additions

And from our trip to USA (Jan-Feb 2015) here be MORE dragons – including my┬áprized LEGO dragon:

Thanks you Chatswood Primary School and their wonderful teacher librarian Ali Webster. They do know me well because after my talk during Book Week 2016 look what I was given:



My favourite non-Australian animal? Why that has to be the Komodo Dragon of course. More on him coming soon.