National Literacy and Numeracy Week

Literacy is vitally important for people to function in their daily lives. Reading signs, learning to drive (you have to answer written questions before you are given a permit), reading official letters and documents that require signatures, even answering the tests set by teachers – okay that can be a pain, would all become exceptionally difficult. And even worse, without literacy skills you won’t be able to read my books – and that really would be a pain! So that’s why I was thrilled to be part of the Federal Government’s National Literacy and Numeracy Week from 2004-2008.

Literacy is so vitally important for us to function let alone survive in our modern society. Imagine not being able to simply grab a book and open it and start to read the words for the simple thrill of reading for pleasure, or not being able to follow a recipe that has instructions for your favourite cake, or not being able to assemble a gift because you don’t understand the words on the instructions page. It does happen and that is wrong in our ‘modern’ literate world.

I am a passionate believer in giving Australian kids the best books and Australian kids books are some of the best books in the world … and I don’t just say that because I am a children’s book author. Even when I was a primary school teacher I was promoting Australian kids books and the importance of reading.

During my time as ambassador I was involved attending launches, lunches and award ceremonies During this time I prepared a number of lists of wonderful current Australian kids books, information brochures, podcasts and recordings were made and the blog newkidsbooksinoz was born. It was great fun! Here are some photos from the events.


Teaching Narrative Writing is a series of short movies created for teachers for National Literacy and Numeracy Week with me teaching narrative writing to a class at Our Lady Queen of Peace School Gladesville. It also contains a Q&A with a teacher.